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Debt Collection Attorneys in Manassas, VA

When you enter into a good-faith agreement to provide a loan to an individual or company, it is with the expectation of being repaid according to the terms of the financial contract. If that doesn’t occur and the recipient of the loan defaults on repayment, your best choice is to turn to the debt collections attorneys in Manassas, VA, for debt collection services. You have the legal right to seek the balance you are owed, and our firm-handed collection methods will help you do that.

It is often easier to get payment from the defaulting party when you have a lawyer that specializes in collection services working for you. Our team has extensive knowledge of the law and the practical know-how to assist with your collection cases. There are various loans and different circumstances that come along with each one. Still, you can be confident that we can apply our collection knowledge and experience to virtually every kind of loan.

Debt Collections Attorneys in Manassas, VA

How We Work for You

When you rely on Harris Loftus, PLLC we help you get your money back by utilizing a systematic process to ensure it happens. For the first step, a debt collection lawyer from our firm will send letters to the borrower on your behalf demanding repayment. If you do not receive the money, we will file a lawsuit that could take six to eight weeks to process. Our strategy includes seizures, sales, and wage garnishment to collect outstanding funds.

We also have a property lawyer you can work with if the defaulting party is a tenant that will not pay their rent. Contact us today for our collection legal services.