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Detailed Estate Planning in Manassas, VA

Nobody knows precisely when they will pass, but everyone knows it will happen eventually. While planning for this time can be stressful, you will rest easier knowing that your properties and assets are distributed how you wish. Let the team at Harris Loftus, PLLC help you leave behind the legacy you want by turning to us for estate planning in Manassas, VA.

Our experienced team of property and estate planning attorneys will ensure that all of your wishes are recorded in detail and respected when the time comes. Not only will estate planning give you peace of mind, but it also makes matters easier for your loved ones during what is sure to be an emotional, challenging time for them. Contact our law firm today to start the process by meeting with an estate planning attorney for an initial consultation.

The Guidance You & Your Family Need

Settling your estate in advance helps to ward off unnecessary tension among family members and avert potential battles in probate court. By working with our estate planning and property attorneys, you are also able to minimize the payment of taxes on property you distribute to loved ones. So, whether you wish to set up a trust, will, power of attorney, medical directive, or other legal documentation, you can count on our firm to provide the legal guidance you and your loved ones need during the most trying of times.

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