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Your Landlord-Tenant Lawyer in Manassas, VA – Serving Both Sides

Here at Harris Loftus, PLLC, we understand that every story has two sides—especially when it comes to disputes between tenants and their landlords. That’s why our landlord-tenant lawyer in Manassas, VA, is dedicated to protecting the rights of everyone involved in these disagreements.

We represent individuals who are renting or leasing and experiencing difficulties with their living situation, including everything from discrimination to mold exposure. We even support clients whose landlords won’t respond to their requests. On the other hand, we’re also proud to represent property owners and landlords whose rights have been violated by their tenants. At Harris Loftus, PLLC, we serve both sides.

Landlord-Tenant Laws & Other Situations Where We Can Help

You deserve to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome wherever you live. If you’re a tenant dealing with any of the problems below, it’s time to call Harris Loftus, PLLC:

  • Landlords who won’t rent to you or renew your lease for discriminatory reasons.
  • Landlords who are inventing reasons to keep your security deposit.
  • Landlords who fail to remediate mold problems.
  • And many more.
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Tenant Lawyer in Manassas, VA

As a landlord, you also have certain rights when it comes to your property and who lives there. Our landlord legal services protect landlords’ rights when it comes to:

  • Eviction Issues
  • Problem Tenants
  • Failure to Pay
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Criminal Drug Activity
  • And More

If you need to remove a tenant from your property, we’ll help ensure that the proper legal procedure is followed. The first step in any landlord-tenant dispute is to issue a five-day notice for the tenant to pay rent. If the payment isn’t made, we take the matter to court to find the solution—a process that typically takes three weeks. Call now to get the process started.